Assay type 'RNA-seq'

Parents Transcriptomics
Current Assay type RNA-seq - this is a new suggested term that specialises Transcriptomics
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RNA-seq We study the transcriptional landscape of C. glabrata and identify differentially expressed genes between pH4 and ph8 as well as between nitrosative stress (GSNO) treatment and controll. Candida glabrata was grown in standard nutrient-rich medium, ph4, ph8 and in GSNO conditions. Paired-end and strand-specific RNA-Seq was performed on three biological replicates after PolyA filtering. A fourth replicate without filtering was sequenced single-end and not strand-specific.

Experiment Design:

Submitter: Maria Sorokina

Assay type: RNA-seq

Technology type: Sequencing by synthesis (Illumina)

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